Race Equity Small Group Mini-Grants


Calvary’s Race Equity Committee is excited to support congregants who organize small group activities that allow members to work together to develop their racial identities, dismantle white supremacy culture, fight racism, and/or work on their Intercultural Development Plans (IDPs). Activities must satisfy three (3) criteria to be eligible for funding/reimbursement in addition to the obvious criteria of being related to race equity:


  1. The activity must be advertised at least one week ahead of time to congregation members through the Beloved Community website and/or the e-Blast (deadlines for submissions to Kurt for the e-blast are Thursday at noon).

  2. The activity must involve at least two Calvary members; and

  3. After the activity is completed, all participants must submit a summary/reflection to the online forum on the Beloved Community website (to promote both individual and congregational learning and growth around these issues). 


Types of expenses supported/reimbursed
  • Theater/movie/event tickets

  • Venue admissions

  • Books

  • Video rentals

  • Refreshments and other expenses for home viewing parties or reading groups

  • Other relevant expenses not listed here


Here are our recommendations of some things you might read, watch or visit with your group, but feel free to add your own ideas!


Organizer role and responsibilities 

Only one person per group/activity should should submit an application for a mini-grant.  This person will be the "organizer" for that group/activity and will be responsible for:


  1. Submitting the mini-grant application;

  2. Coordinating interested congregants (the site administrator will share their information with you from their registration for the event on the site);

  3. Distributing materials and/or disbursing funds/reimbursements to individual participants;

  4. Ensuring that all participants post individual reflections on the website, and assisting anyone in the group who might need help in posting; and

  5. Completing a post-event report.